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We are sorry to announce that during the last 40 days, the following 6 Alumni have been reported deceased.

ANDERSON, Richard W.,'75
BEAN, Delaney C,'2013
BROWN, Raymond J,'82
LOGAN, Thomas,'73
NICOLAU, Joseph,'73
WIND, Scott K,'83

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Upcoming Reunions


Maine South Class of 1973 45th Reunion 

Peace, Love & Groovy  4 days of Peace & Love, Flower Power, Psychedelic Rock, Blues & Happy Medicinal Madness Sept 13, 14, 15, & 16th, 2018.

4 day schedule of "right on" events by our "Groovy" Reunion Committee of Deborah Manika, Sheila Ginn Mayol , Bill Harnden & Cheryl Larsen Williams who cordially invite you to boogie on over & join the fun celebrating our 45th Anniversary year.

Update your info here on our Alumni page and go to Facebook All day long love gatherings, so rest up, "do me a solid" to pass the word & come 4 fun. Friends from other MS classes are welcome to register & join us. Can u dig it!
As of February 14th go to Reunion page to securely pay via Paypal.
Pull out your bell bottoms, flower tiered skirts, hippie beads, batik tie dye, nehru jackets & sandals & prepare for the best Reunion event yet! As of this posting, 240 days away! Peace & Love!

Deborah Manika President, Maine South Class of 1973 45th Groovy Reunion

Bill Harnden

Sheila Ginn Mayol

Cheryl Larson-Williams

Facebook: Maine South Class of '73 45th Reunion


Class of '68 Reunion


Maine South Class of 1978
40th Reunion. Saturday, September 29th, 7-11pm
at the Edison Park Inn, 2nd floor Private Room, 6715 N. Olmsted, Chicago.
$10/person donation, pizza will be served, Cash Bar, and a DJ.
Meghan Roer Barber can be contacted either through FB, or via email,

Maine South Class of 1993
25th Reunion. Saturday, September 29th,
More data coming

Go to Reunion page for details

The Following Alumni have updated within the past 20 days

ADAMCZYK, Dr. Julie A,'2003
ADAMCZYK, Teddy S,'2007
ALIX, Paul Jj,'73
BEAN, Alan J,'75
BEAN, Cheryl L,'72
BEAN, Deborah A,'70
BEAN, Robert T,'79
EDLUND, Jennifer L,'92
FARRELL, Craig D,'78
FARRELL, Kimberlee O,'71
FARRELL, Scott C,'74
GINN, Sheila,'73
KASHUL, Deborah A,'83
KASHUL, Laura A,'85
KASHUL, Steven W,'78
KASHUL, Susan A,'87
KASHUL, Thomas W,'82
KASHUL, William N,'75
KEERAN, Nancy E,'78
KING, Laura,'73
LACHIW, Mark J,'82
LACHIW, Milly A,'85
LACHIW, Vera E,'80
MANGIARDI, Lucia M,'86
MANIKA, Deborah,'73
MICHALKO, Ben Carlo,'68
RUNDBLAD, Andrea,'93
RUNDBLAD, David,'90
SMITH, Daniel B,'71
SMITH, Donna J,'83
SMITH, Ellen R,'77
SMITH, Martin P,'72
SMITH, Roberta A,'73
STINSON, Barbara E,'75
STINSON, James R,'69
STINSON, Richard J,'72